DuSable Real Estate Developments


We make your home selling process easy and efficient.

1. Contact us by filling out a simple form

2. Provide us your house details.

3. We'll analyze and review details provided.

4. We’ll contact you to schedule meeting.

5. We'll offer the highest possible cash offer for your home.

6. When you agree, we close the deal.

Boom! Your cash is in your hand safely.

You can sell your house in truly the quickest, easiest way with us. Our process is simple and stress-free. Interestingly, some people won't believe us but there is no denying when you see it side by side. So, here's how we are different from others.

Selling With Real Estate Agents!

  • RE agents usually take 50 days for closing
  • Compararatively low cash offers
  • Risk of buyer financing falling through
  • Hidden fees and additional costs
  • Manage reapairs and cleaning yourself


Sell With Us!

  • We close deals in just a few days
  • High cash offer
  • No showing, listing staging or stress
  • Transparent process, no fee
  • No repair, No clean up